It’s A Wrap—Swede Spills Beans On Big Burrito (part5)

Field Research: Day 188

I arrived at work and noticed that something was different. The sound of vegetable chopping was muted and anxious. The small-talk was subdued and peppered with dry throat-clearings. A sweaty mechanic was splayed out on the floor in front of me. He was tightening some bolts on the bottom of a sink. Continue reading “It’s A Wrap—Swede Spills Beans On Big Burrito (part5)”

What I learned after moving to America and getting a job at Chipotle (part4)

Field Research: Day 135

In March of 2016, I traveled to China for two weeks to officiate a friend’s wedding. Upon my return, the restaurant manager waved me over and greeted me. She was sitting with one of the middle-managers. She said, “We are getting all new furniture for the restaurant. Chairs and tables.” Continue reading “What I learned after moving to America and getting a job at Chipotle (part4)”

The Real Reason Americans Are ’Anti-Establishment’

Field Research: Day 92

I am requested to mail out a small package so I walk four blocks south and find the post office. The building is a tasteful white stone structure with flush walls interrupted by tall steel windows. The top of the structure is adorned with subtle Greek Revival details and capped with a simple cornice that accommodates neat black letters:

United States Post Office Seattle Washington

University Station 98105

Continue reading “The Real Reason Americans Are ’Anti-Establishment’”

President Bert Karlsson

Dear Sweden,

Here in America, the Donald-Elect will become president in exactly five minutes. Through a Chicago Cubs-induced upset, the Donald-Elect will be sworn in as president of the central government and general secretary of the federal military commission. The rise of the Donald-Elect is a helpful indicator—much like a cup of liquid barium given to a patient by a radiologist—that will reveal the exact location of American society in the lower tract of the corkscrew model of development. Continue reading “President Bert Karlsson”