4. Caffeine with Max Loring

We sit down with Max “hardest worker in Seattle coming through” Loring and have a brief conversation about social media and unemployment in the age of Coronavirus before we completely lock horns on the issue of Talking Rain.

The water of the week is two flavors of caffeinated sparkling water from Talking Rain: Summer Melon and Blood Orange.

2. PampleTwo with Cooper Shaw

Here, in the second half of the Grapefruits, we review La Croix, Bubly and Waterloo.

We also introduce a new segment (Sparkling Water Myths) and then talk Carbonara recipes, early childhood memories, physical fights, and the Madison Diner on Bainbridge Island (Family-owned? Family-owned!).

We wrap up the episode in agreement: We both love working for Eric Bahn and Ba Bar.

1. PampleOne with Cooper Shaw

In our first session with Coop, we review six brands of grapefruit-flavored sparkling water and talk about Ramlösa and how sparkling water is perceived in Joakim’s native Sweden.

We also touch upon Coop’s upbringing in Los Angeles which obviously leads to a conversation about God and restaurants in Seattle. Part one is a review of the Grapefruits by Signature Select (Safeway), Talking Rain and Cascade Ice. Part two will feature La Croix, Bubly and Waterloo.

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