About the Center

Our Center was established in 2015 by the King of Sweden as a research initiative under the Analytic Outreach Programme of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are supported by discretionary funding and charitable partners at the Niklas Fridman stiftelse.


Our Center’s primary mission is to collect, analyze, evaluate and disseminate intelligence reports for Swedish policymakers as they prepare for the decline of the American empire. Our reports on fault lines in American society involve both data-driven analysis and multi-year embedded fieldwork in the hospitality industry.


All our researchers have signed an American Civilian Observation Agreement (hereinafter “the Pledge”) and understand that (1) our role is strictly observational and (2) we do not have the right to administer care or influence outcome. Our researchers will abide by these restrictions even in cases with severe negative outcome expectancy. In other words, we must stand by and do nothing—even when it doesn’t feel good.


Please reach out at m {dot} joakim {dot} eriksson {at symbol} gmail {dot} com