113. Joakim’s Dying Wish

My podcast database is experiencing hundreds of brute force log-in attempts per day, but we shall fight on the landing grounds, and we shall fight on the fields and in the streets. Our passwords are strong and our plug-ins are up to date. And even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this podcast or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then Sahu will carry on the struggle until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old. And so today, we are drinking dragon fruit: Vitamin Enhanced Hemp Seltzer BERRY DRAGONFRUIT (sic) from Tonik (sic), Super Fruit Strawberry Dragonfruit (sic) from Sparkling Ice, and Dragon Fruit Lemonade from Polar Seltzer.