108. Sahu Saved My Wretched Life

Today, my podcast website broke. I tried to deactivate my themes and plugins, and then I tried to update my PHP, then I tried to restore the whole database from an October 3 backup, and then I tried to change the wp-config file and add lines of code to give myself more memory because someone on reddit said that might be the problem. At the end of all of that, the whole enchilada was way more screwed up than before and I lost my entire podcast and my whole life’s work. My entire Magnus Ovum—gone. Today was also a very difficult day in the bowels of the hospitality industry. Then, at 1AM, a nice Indian man from the GoDaddy tech support helped me fix everything and it turns out I was just using the wrong username and logging in as Not Admin. So now it’s fixed, and thanks to Sahu the tech support guy, we can all sparkle on. Thank you for your service, Sahu. Water of the week is Cherry Limade from Gold Emblem, Black Cherry from Crystal Geyser and Wild Cherry from Cleary Canadian.