106. Welcome to Phooj Ywg Lee’s Market

You can listen to this podcast. We believe in you. Every single person over here at the Sparkling HQ–we all think you have it in you and it is going to be okay. Don’t have to worry about it. Just be normal. Don’t ruminate on my choices and don’t ruminate on your own choices. You can has little a podcast, as a treat. I won’t tell anyone. Oh, and by the way, Tristin says I have to apologize for how I treated that cat. I accidentally threw a bag of trash at a cat. So sue me. That is to say: I apologize. This week’s Lime is Lime: Lime-flavored sparkling water from Origin, Lime-flavored sparkling water from Spindraft (that’s it!) LIME FLAVORED sparkling hop water from HOPWTR.

105. Sarah’s Worst Nightmare

Today, Sarah told me that seeing me at the mall was her worst nightmare. Why? Something about feelings of shame when people see us without friends. Are we all just victims of the same #LonelinessCrisis? Anyway, doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is sparkling water. Don’t call it a comeback: Mango Chili Tepache from De La Calle, Mango Sparkling Hop Water from HOPWTR and Pineapple Mango from Crystal Geyser.