102. Mac DeMarco with Gardenias in his Hair

Mac DeMarco wants a table for twelve, fourteen at the most, although there might be six more, or eight more, or eleven more: there would never be one or two more, because music people do not travel in groups of “one” or “two.” Water of the week is the same river twice: Spindrift Pineapple and Coca-Cola Dreamworld. Also, “take a hike” is another good expression that we need to bring back, courtesy of Lilith, because it is wildly dismissive without using expletives.

99. The North San Juan Community Center

First episode in new studio. Congratulations to us. We made it. We’re all the way up. Thanks to every single one of our supporters. Water of the week is The Three Faces of Berry: Mountain Blackberry from Clearly Canadian, Strawberry Lemon from Poppi, Acai Blueberry from YerbaĆ©. Conclusion: Champagne Papi is obviously Canadian.