98. Joakim shoplifts sparkling water

You want clean flour in your bag, but the perfect flour does not exist. You could sell us anything by bringing up our perfectionism, our fear of our own humanity, our fear of BitCoin crashing… Clean flour of the week is watermelon: Trader Joe’s Watermelon Lemonade Sparkling Water, Watermelon Prebiotic Soda from Poppi, and Watermelon Fruit Punch from Goat.

97. A Fear of Wildlife

I was always frustrated by the slow pace of creative work, and it was always assumed that the solution was to become more efficient and speed up the process. But perhaps there is a different way to understand that feeling of frustration. Perhaps we could become more patient and accept that things take time. Like always, the first half of this episode is boring and the second half is not boring. Water of the week is Black Cherry: Crystal Lake, Sunny Select, and BANG! (Black Cherry Vanilla).

96. We don’t *have* time… We *are* time

Natasha still likes Johnny Depp and that breaks my heart, but perhaps I am mingling plain fashion and the abstract invisible values at the bottom of it all? Perhaps we don’t disagree? Perhaps we live in different universes and our values are the same? Perhaps there are two types of disagreement about a question like this? We could have different values or we could have different beliefs about the facts? Whatever… Water of the week is a tropical travesty: Apricot Peach from Sunny Select! Finally! Orange Crème from Signature Select and Orange Créme from Raley’s. Notice how the accent on the E is going different directions in the word créme/crème. For Signature Select, it is a falling tone. The fourth tone. For Raley’s, it is a rising tone. The second tone. Nothing matters. Nothing is intentional. Free will is an illusion. Knowledge is infinite and meaningless. There is no winner. We all die alone and justice will never come. Give up now. We world has already ended.

95. On Having No Clout

For the first time in the history of sparkling water—I forgot to review the third water! Everything was moving along swimmingly and I reviewed two waters and then finished up the episode. At the outset, when I mention feeling scattered—that wasn’t a joke! Water of the week is a trio of “Disgusting Tropical”: Pineapple Coconut from Clover Valley, Peach Mango from Sunny Select, and (*UNREVIEWED*) Apricot Peach from Sunny Select.