57. How to Welcome a Guest into your Home

In this episode, we drink blackberry-flavored sparkling water and talk about two important Americans: Kanye West and ICE BOY PLUMBING.

Blackberry from Drink Simple Sparkling Maple Water, Revive Sparkling Probiotic Water, and Signature Select Raspberry Blackberry-Flavored Sparkling Water Beverage (DISQUALIFIED).

An Open Letter to Signature Select: First of all, why call it a “Sparkling Water Beverage”? Do you offer sparkling waters which are not beverages? What are they then? Are they used for cleaning? Are they used to restore hair color? What are we doing here? I don’t think you are taking this very seriously. I would really like us to press the reset button and start over from the beginning.

Your Friend, Joakim

Episode also available on YouTube.

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