This Week in Washington, D.C.

This is our Season Finale. We discuss our trip to Washington D.C. and our walk to the White House. Then, we talk about the light-colored birch wood of Swedish governance, arguing in a healthy relationship, Chinese public transportation, the Homelessness Crisis, East Coast architecture, McDonalds Mighty Wings and open-faced lobster salad sandwiches.

Also: is President Joe Biden about to be extradited to Finland?

Special thanks to Cooper Shaw, Marissa Rodriguez, Max Loring, Chase Windu, Lacey Starr (not the pornographic actress), Ivan the Benevolent, [REDACTED], Eric Banh, David Phillips, Megan Suter, Matt King Carty and Julie Kennedy.

Water of the week is Pickle Rick Miracle Seltzer from Rick and Morty, Calamansi Sparkling Water from Sanzo, and Seltzer Water with a Hint of the Dr. Flavor from Kroger.

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