44. Raspberry & the Destruction of Records

In this episode, we talk about our conversation with Joakim Senior. The Old Man. The Pasta Papa. Dad. It was a conversation that revealed considerable disintegration, and this is the same cringeworthy disintegration that we see inside of ourselves with all the Joaquim, Joey, Joe, Joakim and Yooajim.

The conclusion is clear: We need a Presidential Records Act to protect all these stupid and contradictory selves.

Water of the week is Raspberry from Wyld CBD, Patagonia Maqui from Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi and Twisted Elix’r from Bubbl’r.

42. Breakup Berry with Julie Kennedy

Joakim was dating Julie until six months ago and he always refused to speak openly about the relationship on the podcast—-Why? Because he did not respect her? Because he was afraid of commitment? Because he was self-absorbed and did not care about other people’s emotions?

Let’s discuss.

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Water of the week is Pitaya Berry Nect’r from Bubbl’r, Strawberry Basil from Aura Bora and Raspberry from Spindrift.