40. Unemployed Lime with Max Loring

A dark rain fell over the police station and an empty taxi quietly turned a corner and disappeared in the night. The city was in a bad mood and the year was long in the tooth, perhaps too long.

 “Gentlemen,” said police chief Jay Inslee without a smile, “Do you know why I’ve called you into my office?”

“I could take a guess,” said Max Loring and flashed that well-known Devil May Care smile, but his loose cannon reputation could not save him. Not this time.

“Sir,” said Joakim Eriksson sheepishly, “Are we in trouble? We’re not in trouble, right?”

“I’m sick and tired of making excuses for you two! You’re an embarrassment to the department! Give me your badge and your gun! You’re off the Vietnam case!”

“But chief…” said Joakim, “I always restock soup cups when it’s not busy!”

“Now!” yelled Chief Inslee.

Max Loring wanted nothing more than to grab the chief’s collar and bark out the old adage: You can’t fire me, I quit!

But he didn’t, because then he’d no longer be entitled to unemployment benefits. And with that, the two renegade cops tucked their tails into the underwear and walked off into the rain-slick night, thinking to themselves: Huh, so that’s it? No more Ba Bar?

Water of the week is another lime supercut: Lemon Lime from Ugly Soda, Yuzu & Lime from Clear/Cut Phocus, Keylime Pie from La Croix, Lime Mint from Voss, Lime from Bubly, Lime from Perrier and Lime from La Croix.

39. Ramuné & the Shameful Moral Inventory

In this episode, we admit to God, to ourselves, and to our podcast subscribers the exact nature of our wrong. We talk about our deepest fear and most poisonous resentment. Perhaps, by discussing it here–out in the open–we could break our pattern of denial? Perhaps none of it will matter anymore and we will know a new freedom?

Also, we crack open a glass bottle from Japan: Ramuné Premium Carbonated Soft Drink in three flavors. Orange. Peach. Grape.