19. Very, Very Plain with Ivan the Benevolent

Like a crazy ex-boyfriend rising out of the No-Contact Order ashes, Ivan returns to the podcast and one thing is clear: The Sparkling Water Community Loves Ivan.

We talk restaurant reopenings, remouladesås, gamer girl bath water, Nintendo 64 and the giving and receiving of gifts.

Water of the week is oh-so-plain: Unflavored Sparkling Mineral Water by Mountain Valley, Whole Foods Italian Sparkling and Gerolsteiner Sprudel.

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18. Cherry-Lime & the Uyghur Autonomous Region

“The Swedish Crown comes out in favor of Ethnic Minority Protesters.”

This is the official report from a recent visit by the Swedish delegation to the 2020 Capital Hill Ethnic Minority Autonomous Region.

Also, we perform a live session of cleromancy to derive a King Wen hexagram from a 3000-year-old Chinese text. Through the happenstance of flipping three coins, the ancient sage offers up useful instructions for the white ally in the modern era.

Water of the week is Cherry-Lime from Eternal Sparkling, Klarbrunn and Clean Cause.

17. Topo Chico with Eric Banh

For the second half of our Ba Bar special, we are joined by owner Eric Banh of the Saigon Siblings restaurant group. This is a conversation about the food, the shutdown and the reopening. Eric opens up about his childhood in Saigon, his first memory of America, and life as a refugee in Malaysia.

The philosophy of the restaurant is held up to the light and many things are revealed, and we finally learn what the deal is with the Vegan Pumpkin Curry!

Water of the week is a Topo Chico retrospective: Plain, Twist of Lime, Twist of Grapefruit, and most important Bernardo Style.

16. Ginger & the Extrajudicial Killings

In this episode, host M. Joakim Eriksson talks race and racism. This includes a treatment on fake money, alienation, and the strange narrative voice used to talk about problematic governance in faraway places. (If your podcatcher can handle URLs, then here’s a link to the WaPo article)

The second half of this episode is our comprehensive remarks on The Role of a Pen in a Restaurant.

Water of the week is Ginger-Orange Sparkling Yerba Mate from Clean Cause, Ginger Glo from Sparkling Glo, and Apple-Ginger from AHA.