15. Tangerine with Sho Sheller

This is the first half of our Ba Bar special.

We talk women, politics and cocktail-making. Eventually, around the half-way mark, we get to the good stuff and Sho admits that hiring Joakim at the restaurant “definitely ruffled some feathers.” But what does that even mean? What did I do wrong???

The water of the week is Tangerine from La Croix, Signature Select and Voss (Tangerine-Lemongrass).

14. Lime with M. Joakim Eriksson

For today’s episode, Joakim puts his faith in the random universe to deliver a theme and a topic. Was this a good idea? Can the thin air act as a foundation to build a podcast episode upon?

Yes and no. Regardless, Joakim will always find a way to talk about his failed marriage.

The water of the week is a triplet interpretation of another jazz standard: LIME!

  1. FieldDay
  2. Signature Select
  3. Topo Chico

13. And the winner is…

Today, we learn that Joakim struggles with a hoarding disorder fueled by narcissism and a persistent delusion of success: Nothing can be deleted from his hard-drive, because soon all these adoring fans might want to study every .txt and decode every .jpg and nod along to every .mp3.

Luckily, a Dropbox subscription is only twelve bucks a month.

Oh, and lastly we pick a winner from the Little Black Dog competition. This week’s water is anot installment of the Grapefruit sessions: Topo Chico, Polar Seltzer and Soleil by Signature Select.

12. Watermelon with M. Joakim Eriksson

For this episode, we raise our cups and monologue about humiliation, fear and watermelon. Somehow, while speaking of these things, Joakim’s mind will always wander back to Jojje Olsson—a “journalist” from Sweden.

Another week, another water: Kiwi-Watermelon by La Croix (Curate), Watermelon by Hint (sparkling?) and Lime-Watermelon by AHA.

11. Orange with Marissa Rodriguez

GUEST-OF-THE-YEAR MARISSA is brought back for another open therapy session where host M. Joakim Eriksson is forced to accept a difficult truth: Other people are never the problem. This is followed by light banter about alcoholism, racism and how to excommunicate a parent. Fun.

Water of the week: Orange from Field Day, Bubly and Crystal Geyser.