Michelle Obama’s Firm Grasp on the Mainstream

Dear Sweden,

I live in America now. This year, a renegade subset of the American population tried to take over the government by running a candidate called Donald Trump for president. The mainstream Americans fought back and they will stay in control. Here is a video outlining the opinions of the mainstream Americans:

The situation on the ground is very tense because of conflict along racial lines and because of widespread political dissatisfaction. Their system of governance has endless structural obstacles that block solutions to simple problems. These obstacles are called “checks and balances”. Because of this frustration many people reject all groups and instead favor nihilism. The American nihilist will often make the following statements:

“Politics is fake.”

“All politicians are liars.”

“I don’t care about any of that stuff.”

“Bush knocked down the towers.”

In the short term, their society is held together by the Obama regime. The Obamas are Aristotelian Philosopher-Kings that lead the way in all aspects of the American life. In the medium to long term, the country is held together by a powerful common myth. This myth deals with the first Europeans (they are called the “Pilgrims”), the individuals that established the early government (they are called the “Founding Fathers”), and their founding legal document (the “Constitution”). The Founding Fathers are often confused with religious figures and the Constitution is often confused with a religious text. These confusions make it difficult for the Americans to think rationally about questions of philosophy, but this is a small price to pay for national unity. Everyone—even the American nihilists—believe in the sacrosanct holiness of the common myth. In this way, they often remind me of the Chinese. Graduates of China’s “patriotic education system” hold many truths to be self-evident: Taiwan and Tibet are inalienable parts of China.

Just like in China, internal disillusionment might be the biggest threat to the American empire. If the Americans take their own common myth and hold it up in the light of historical reality, their empire might crumble. Also, weed is legal.

Please come and visit.

Best Regards,

Jocke Eriksson